What GCS Means to Me

On Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 I had Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS for short).  It’s also been called GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery) or SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) or in the old days, a “sex change”.  Technically, the insurance and medical paperwork I have still says GRS, but GCS is becoming the favored term in recent years, because people are beginning to understand that we don’t become one gender or the other based on having or not having these surgeries.  We simply fix our bodies so that they are in agreement with what we know to be correct.  These help to confirm [...]

Happy Veteran’s Day from Someone Who is Not

twinbrothernavyI am not a military veteran, and yet I did attempt a military career at one point early in my life.  In late 1988 I was not really sure what I wanted to do with my life.  So, I decided to let the military help me determine where my aptitudes might fit best. After my ASVAB score came back at 97 out of possible 99, they became very accommodating. Choosing between a nuclear and an electronics-related focus, I found myself in San Diego, CA for boot camp where I graduated at the top of my company and proceeded to the [...]

Thirty Days Until GRS

tvolveeditedToday I am thirty days away from a step in my transition I first thought about thirty-six years ago when I was ten years old, and one toward which I’ve been actively working for five years now. It reminds me of when I told my Primary Care Physician about starting the medical aspects of my transition back in 2011. She asked me, “Are you sure? Have you really given this a lot of thought?”

I smiled and replied, “I tried to do this when I was twenty years old, but I got scared, went back into the closet, and I [...]

Oops! Trans Allies’ Faux Pas

fauxpas (2)A friend of mine, a very strikingly beautiful young lady, recently posted online about an exchange she had sharing an anecdote with a cisgender girl friend who made some innocent comments about a guy seeing my friend and thinking she was a “real girl” (because he asked her out).  The cisgender friend elaborated by saying, “I mean you know you are trans … but not [a] real woman,” and then she laughed. Ouch.
I recently had a cisgender girl friend who made some more subtle comments, but they echo the same. She heard about my upcoming surgery (very close at [...]

Getting “Cupgraded”

In late 2010, just before I began my transition, I came out to a long-time friend and an ex-girlfriend of mine, Christine. Christine was not at all surprised when I told her, and she was extremely supportive. She just tease me playfully, saying, “You just want to do this to have your own boobs to play with.” I laughed, and agreed that I did wish I had them, although the truth is I never completely understood the fascination people have with them. However, after a couple years of living full-time as a woman, between interactions with other women, disappointing attempts [...]

So, Your Insurance Covers GRS – Now What?

A couple days ago I began to navigate the treacherous waters of getting my future insurance claim for GRS precertified. I wound up on the phone with my insurance company asking how I initiate a request for this relating to an upcoming surgery my doctor has scheduled. After several pauses as she apparently looked up the word “precertification” in a company manual somewhere, the rep told me my surgeon’s office would have to call. “The provider will always handle that for you,” she tells me.

“Oh, okay. I didn’t know. Thanks. I will follow up with them.” So, I call


A Year in the Life

Just last month I celebrated one year of living full-time in my true gender.  This was significant because one year of “Real Life Experience” satisfies one of the most important recommendations most gender therapists look at before they will write a letter recommending that a person is prepared for gender transition-related surgery.   The one year of real life experience (also called the “Real Life Test”) is recommended by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) in their Standards of Care document used by the majority of healthcare professionals who work with patients dealing with transsexualism.   There are people who [...]

The Ups & Downs of Success

comedy-dramaI haven’t been on here in quite some time.  It’s not that I’ve not had anything about which to write.  Rather, I’ve had a lot going on, and a lot on my mind, but much of it revolved around a job change I was seeking.  Because of the nature of searching for a job while one is employed, I opted not to announce that I was searching in such an open forum as this.  So, now that searching part is over I can share the details:  I have a new job!

I enjoyed my previous job.  I was working for [...]

The Man in the Laundromat

article-new_ds-photo_getty_article_178_175_8775154I quickly settled into my new apartment once I moved in.  There’s still storage boxes to go through even now, but all the essentials are in place.  A few things are missing, because I don’t own them anymore – such as a washer and a dryer (I left them with my ex).  So, shortly after moving into the new apartment I found myself at a nearby laundromat.  I put it off as long as I could, because I’d not been to a laundromat in a long time, and I never was fond of going.  I love to cook, but I [...]

Six Months Full-time

Transgender-butterflyWhen I first moved out on my own (about this time last year), I’d just begun to build a second wardrobe – one of female attire, and I’d already stopped buying any new male clothes.  I knew I wouldn’t need them for very long — or I hoped I wouldn’t.  I started out with two closets:  a “male closet” and a “female closet”.  Well before I went full-time, I was already presenting as female everywhere and anywhere I went except for work; thus, my “male closet” gradually shrank to a very small size (insert HRT shrinkage joke here), and [...]